Mill Street Blues

by Lord Vapour

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Héctor Hurtado Grooscors
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Héctor Hurtado Grooscors One of the best albums of 2016, an excellent debut for a band who has a promising future. Full review here: Favorite track: Futu Rock.
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Bucky The song titles suggest sleaze and the durations propose classic doom. What we have is somewhere in the middle, nothing earth shattering, nor philosophical, just balls to the wall, party rock anthems sung in the key of Lemmy and the tone of Truckfighters. Full Review:
Bill Goodman
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Bill Goodman My initial response was "Hmm... not to bad." Then I put the headphones on and let the music take me away. Oh so good mix of heavy metal, hard rock, some heavy psych and a whole lot of ass kicking riffs. Favorite track: Cosmic Skies.
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Double LP
Gatefold Cover
Two Color Variants

Transparent Orange
Transparent w/ Orange Splatter


released May 13, 2016

Lord Vapour - Guernsey, Channel Islands

Lord Vapour is:
Henry Fears - Guitar
Christian Mariess - Drums
Joe Le Long - Bass & Vocals

Produced, Engineered, Mixed by James Le Huray

Recorded live at Tardis (Guernsey) 19th-20th September 2015

Mixed at The Psychedelic Nurse House (York), Desolate Road (Ratcliffe-on-Soar), Dank-23 (London)

Mastered at Babylon Soundsystem (Guernsey)

Mastered for Vinyl By : Tony Reed at HeavyHead Recording Co.

Album Artwork By : David Paul Seymour
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Track Name: Psychedelic Trousers
I'm gonna take you, to a place where the freaks meet
I'm gonna show you, what it means to be free
I'm gonna take you down
I'm gonna freak you out baby
I'm gonna show you around
I'm gonna take you away
We ride celestial highways, into solar storms
Looking out into the void, we search for so much more
We're gonna take you, from a place where the freaks meet
We're gonna show you, where they sleep
We're gonna hide you, from the shadows on the wall
We're gonna let you feel, let you feel your soul.
Track Name: Knowledge Through Colour
We sail the waves of time, one drop expand your mind
Shades as dark as a midnight sky, see the world through bloodshot eyes
Break through the atmosphere, colours are distorted here
Lay down and you will find, one drop expand your mind
Burnt but stoned the mind melts, my reflection looks like someone else
Feeling strange the hours long, Exactly what the shaman told
I've seen him there on the edge of the world, his silhouette a purple swirl
He vanished there, before my eyes and traveled straight through space and time
Track Name: Island Man
I am an island man, born from the surf, drawn to the sand
I have just one desire, to lose myself in your temptress fire
Woah there temptress, don't burn my shire
Don't wanna fuel your, fuel your fire
The shore is calling, out your name
It's going to teach you a lesson of blood and shame
Track Name: Cosmic Skies
Bide my time for the setting sun, moon and star shall be as one
Misty haze and blackened smoke, rises up the mountain slope
Light up, my way home need to, fill my bowl
Mother earth has gone to bed, pillow of green to rest my head
Home again we breath the air, toke the pipe that took us there
I'll wait on a plateau high sail again to your cosmic sky
Light up, my way home need to, fill my bowl
Mother earth has gone to bed, pillow of green to rest my head
Track Name: Sugar Tits
Out in California's where I made my name, Led a life full of shame
Down in Venice beach they have the smoothest grass But to tell you the truth, I'm just looking for hash
Moving down the highway it's 100 degrees, Sugar tits, on her knees
She likes it fast, she likes it hot move a little closer and I'll show you what I've got
Track Name: Crossroads
A minute of my time, is all that it took
To make up in my mind the way that you look
The veil has been pulled back from my eyes
So take my hand and we will lose these butterflies
In this evening where the air is so warm
We'll find some shelter from the oncoming storm
I'll hold you close as the thunder draws near
'Cause we are human and we can't live without fear
The skies unveil as the clouds are ditched
Streets paved in gold, but lifes still a bitch
We met with satan and asked him to stay
Sold our souls and now we'll re think yesterday
We left our mark on this world so grey
Torn apart by our own mistake
We passed this life with our own belief
The time is now so live true and you'll be free
Track Name: Misty Meadows
Rest a while atop the hill, watch the sea roll in
Standing stone against my back,
I place myself in the faerie ring
Witches caps upon the long grass, made of stone the shadows they cast
Moonlight it's all in black and white, cold air creeping up my skin
Elders are watching me, from the dolmen they can see
Shifting stars as the night is undone, the mist is low come the morning sun
Through misty meadows the sleepers walk
Past stone caps they break the fog
And cast a spell over me
Orbs of light go through my mind, As I leave this world behind
They show me visions of reality, the lies of men and the bodies they leave
They show me god as a fictional leader, a doppelganger of a different creator
I see the father of a new born race, crumble down as they fall from grace
Track Name: Bong Song
Woman, come sit next to me Take this bong from my hand
We'll blast, into outer space
Go beyond the human race
Let the stars, break our freefall
Into this black hole
A kaleidoscope of colour
Will wash away all fear
Do you hear them?
Do you hear the calling?
They're just saying, Breathe deep and let go